Halloween – 31 oktober

Come and join us on  Wednesday 31st for an art and play workshop at Creativity Centre Woelwijck in Voorschoten!

You have the choice to make paper masks, window decorations, or draw and paint a scene decoration to use at the play. You can choose to make it scary or funny, it's up to you.

All materials, lemonade and treats are included. Bring your parents or grandparents and have fun with us. We find it terrific if you dress up, but it’s not a must.

Mercedes Acosta is a professional theater and mindfulness teacher and Beatriz Laus is a visual artist and creativity teacher. Contact us for more info at 0611396080 with Beatriz Laus or 0630626688 with Mercedes Acosta. We also speak  Dutch. Sign up bialaus@gmail.com or mercedesoa@hotmail.com

Time: 3:30 to 5:30 pm

Price: € 15 euro per person.

Address:  Essenlaan 3-  2251 AS Voorschoten .

Parking is possible at the Cor van Osnabruggelaan opposite to number 68 in Voorschoten.